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Brokersure Technology Platform


Brokersure is a leading developer, owner and operator of a number of travel insurance platforms and websites. a comparison website providing online medical screening and the ability to tailor a policy whether from a selection of brands or a single brand. We have also developed for clients a Call Centre Integration which is designed to work alongside our online delivery, this has been successfully operated for a number of major brands and clients.

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The Brokersure platform can operate as standalone or as a web service linked in as part of a broader ecommerce retail or underwriting suite or established platform. This allows flexibility to work with existing and legacy operations so as to leverage their positions to develop the travel insurance opportunity.

This can be leveraged to deliver - Easy customer journeys with high customer conversion -

This includes system auto-driven risk assessment capability a formula based rating and multi scheme risk parameters with medical screening online

Mobile responsive - enabling full buy on line experience - noting that circa 40% people buy or research products on mobile*

* IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmark for the fourth quarter, from November 2014 to January 2015, found fast growth in the use of mobile in retail. The figure of 40% was up from 37% in the previous quarter, and from 32% in the same quarter last year. Some 25% of m-commerce sales were completed through smartphones, and 75% through tablets over the last quarter. Google figures support findings and indicate exponential future growth.

Our specially developed underwriting Rating Engine – effectively a multiplier of a core base price, which instantly delivers flexible multiple pricing & cover options. This allows for precise and easy adjustment of rates, prices & margins, and quick adjustment to competitive, distribution or margin opportunities.

Claims analysis will allow precise rating adjustments to deliver competitive pricing and rating sustainability Cover adjustment & response to occurrences, with no age banding, individual country selection also allows more accurate pricing to risk

This provides for our white Label Clients – full branding. Margins, pricing, channel and marketing bespoke flexibility B2c & b2b

This can be a provision of ‘instant’ insurer panel or bespoke insurer selection

XML & other input IT integration for aggregation & legacy interface Platform IP is developed by Brokersure (Owned Intellectual Property)

Microsoft based - .Net 4.0, MVC3, WF4, SQL2008

Compatible to Healix Black Box 2.5 online medical screening facility. Our administration system is also a bespoke development that allows precision real-time management of multi-channel distribution.

This is an effective and flexible delivery to recognise where business comes from, track codes and allow for margin adjustments.

Underwriting Benefits

Our responsive time pricing system is a core strength. This is key to our multiplier of a core base price, allowing underwriters to dynamically implement a pricing regime which will ,in real time, calculate and set in multiple rating, pricing and margin variances per brand or policy style. The immediate responsive adjustment and rate amendment can create price changes for a number of brands, user interfaces and distribution channel.