Delivering white label and partnership solutions

Insurance Services from Dalesridge

We have experience in many areas of insurance and work as a wholesale and/or retail broker delivering white label, affinity and partnership solutions.

In a number of areas this requires strict confidentiality and you can rely on our professional services working discreetly behind the scenes.

In the travel insurance sector, we can provide full broking or intermediary services and some or all of the requirements for setup, management, business development or exit from the travel insurance business. We work with major groups, intermediaries, brokers, brands, affiliates as well as insurers and underwriting agencies.

We can deliver these services as standalone broker advisory services, and/or in conjunction with our TravelAdder engine. We operate as a wholesaler, designing and negotiating travel insurance products, including underwriting and pricing on a nett, gross or retail basis.

We work with a selection of travel insurance providers, brands and insurers which are white labelled as part of the TravelAdder delivery. We can work with all insurers and select carriers to suit the panel and distribution needs of our clients.

We retain a number of core insurance services and delivery in-house; in other areas we will source, select and negotiate the best of class partners or services to provide a comprehensive delivery. We are equally as happy to work with our clients on one or all segments of the service delivery.

We are also involved in a number of other insurance products in the commercial, retail, warranty and other niche areas.