Empowering bespoke insurance and IT solutions

About Brokersure

Brokersure provide a number of bespoke insurance and IT solutions for our clients.

We operate across the retail, wholesale, white label, and technology delivery areas of financial services.

Our travel insurance platform, TravelAdder is the new engine (launched 2012) behind a number of white label comparison and solo travel insurance websites. This has a number of USP's with features including, a flexible underwriting engine, along with the quick easy to use customer journey with the facility for buying pre-existing illness cover with online medical screening.

Brokersure was founded by Christian Young, CEO and Andy Taylor MD & Underwriting in 2011, later joined by John Moss IT & Operations and Tim Ward FD & Compliance. All the directors are shareholders in the business and have extensive experience in the sector. We have included summary biographies here to give you an understanding of the experience and skills of our senior team and the business.

We have completed a significant investment in designing, building and testing from scratch the TravelAdder platform (IPR Brokersure). TravelAdder platform has a number of USP's, some that will be evident from the customer journey, however even more importantly is the USP's that are in the underwriting engine.

We have spent considerable time evaluating the future of the travel insurance industry; our platform is now proven in a number of applications operating today.

Brokersure own the TravelAdder IPR and the platform is only available working directly with us.

Brokersure is the holding company for Intermediated Services Ltd our FCA regulated broker, which operates owned websites including: